Live Events

Live Events by Logan Productions

Logan Productions is Wisconsin's premier live event production company, handling event production throughout the Midwest and even around the world.

Logan provides every aspect of live event production for any size event from small conferences to full arena spectacles. We'll create set and lighting design down to the smallest detail and handle sound, music, video, and every other aspect of the presentation, including video and audio recording, live broadcasting or feeds, and even 3D projection mapping.

No matter how simple or how complex the event, Logan has the technical expertise, the right equipment, and the crew to produce your concert, conference, convention, awards show, dinner gala, fashion show, theatrical production, or any other live event that requires a professional touch.

If you have a live event that you'd like to discuss, just drop us a line or give us a call and we'll go over all the options, pricing, and creative ideas we have at our disposal.