Web Broadcasting

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Logan Productions provides complete webcasting and video streaming services with many different options for interactive features and ways of delivering different quality video and audio streams to your users.

One of our most powerful features is multilingual webcasting: the ability to provide real-time translations of webcasts live on the Web. Wherever in the world your video stream is originating from, our translators can handle the languages your viewers want - wherever in the world they're watching it.

Logan can provide turnkey webcasting services - handling the actual video cameras, audio, lighting, staging, and projection - or we can simply handle any video feed you give us, whether it's local or global. We've traveled the world over to provide international webcasting to multinational corporations, and we know how to handle the challenges of internet broadcasting in different countries.

Here are some of the many features Logan Productions webcasting provides:

  • Q&A: Your presenter(s) can take questions submitted via our web streaming app, text message, a webpage, or mobile devices. A moderator can select and edit the questions before submitting them to the speaker up at the podium.
  • On Demand: We'll record and format your presentation for later playback on the Web, complete with any interactive features you choose.
  • Surveys: Include live or on-demand surveys to get instant feedback on your presentation.
  • Bandwidth: We can provide as many video quality options as necessary for your viewers' differering bandwidths. In addition, you can use a password system to allow different users access to varying bandwidth options.
  • Live technical support: We can track your users live and provide tech support via live chat, email, and phone.
  • Stats and reporting: We keep data on all your users and can provide instant information on how many users you have, what they're watching, for how long, and even what operating systems and browsers they're using.